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Fire Twirling Pictures

Performed by David Evelyn


Spiral Rail

In the Cave



The Vulcan

Kwai River Bridge1

Train Spiral

Bali's Vulcan

Streets of London

Kwai River Bridge2

The Cave2

Fire Ball in Bali

Train Tracks

Fire Roots

Train to Hell

In Buddha's Presence

Eclipse in Darkhan

Kwai River

Tunnel of Fire

Photographer:  Josep©

Travel Pictures

Images of Vancouver


None of this pictures are computer generated.

Please take care if you try to do images like that, FIRE is VERY DANGEROUS
and I'm not responsible for not understanding the mechanics how are made. If you want to play with fire you should talk to Luxotica.

Jugglers keep several objects airborne at once by throwing, catching, and throwing them again quickly. Sometimes jugglers complicate their acts by using dangerous objects such as flaming torches or by performing as teams. Jugglers have been a part of circus troupes since the early 1800s.